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Welcome to Sprword. Sprword was started to counter the continuing consolidation of mainstream media and its limited and agenda-based reporting. Sprword.com plans to counter corporate media by providing links to important videos, articles, and websites that reveal what corporate mainstream media refuses to recognize as need-to-know information.

Our Mission is to build a brighter future for the entire planet by seeking and spreading truth on a global level. We are confident that with your help, we can push our society back into the right direction. Help spread the word and sprword!


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Thank you to all the film makers, journalists, authors, researchers, historians, professors, musicians, doctors, lawyers, activists, and everything else in between. Whatever the occupation or label, thank you to all people who continue to spread the light by shining your own. Thank you to all the film makers for creating such amazing films and to all the individuals who have helped in producing them. More importantly, thank you for sharing your works and allowing the global community to view them online for free. Thank you to all the journalists, historians, and authors who continue to research and write about what is really going on. And thank you to all the individuals who have helped sprword grow by spreading the word across the internet and in your local communities.

We hope that we have been able to demonstrate the power of all of your works when combining all this knowledge in a meaningful and useful way. After all, Knowledge is power.


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The best way to help sprword is to contact us with your ideas, recommendations, and critiques. Also, please let us know when you come across any errors and broken links; this is the main reason why we have been able to keep all the films and links up to date. Another great way to help us grow is to continue spreading the word about sprword through every means possible. Sprword continues to climb to the top of search results and it's all because of our supporters. Thank you to all the individuals who have taken the time to spread the word! We are very grateful for all your help and encouragement!

**If for any reason you would like your content removed off the website, please contact us to let us know.**

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