Definition of sprword


v. sprword·ed, sprword·ing

    1. A portmanteau from the phrase “spread the word” : Sprword the good news.
    2. Something that should be heard; news, advice, a fact: You should sprword that.


    1. An assurance or promise to spread the word: She has kept her sprword.


Let the truth be heard, keep spreading the word. Psychopaths Rule the World.

    While sprwording is an important aspect of changing our current situation and shaping a better future, we must also recognize that we must look within ourselves and change according to our increasing awareness and perspectives about ourselves and the environment around us. By aligning our thoughts and actions, we find peace within ourselves, which in turn is one giant step closer to finding peace within our world.

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Sprword is making it to the top because of our increasing support. You have all made it even easier to spread the word. Just tell your family, friends, and total strangers to Google "spread the word." Thank you everyone!

World Peace Starts Within

By changing ourselves we change the world.