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Anthem, Part 2 - Blink 182

If American teenagers had their own anthem, this would be it. A lot of people would hear this song and think "stop whining," but in all actuality, Blink 182 raises an important issue that we all need to consider. The following line sums up the song:

"If we're fucked up, you're too blame"

The problem Blink 182 is referring to in this song is the sad fact that our society does not strive for a better future for our children. Our society does not ensure that future generations will live in a better world than past generations. At first, this would seem like common sense, but in reality, our understanding of this couldn't be farther from common sense.

In Blink's own words, "we need guidance, we've been mislead," which refers to our guardians - parents, uncles, aunts, teachers, firefighters, popstars, rockstars, athlets, congressman, presidents, etc. This is emphasized in the lines "corporate leaders, politicians, kids can't vote, adults elect them." And they are absolutely right. Children and teenagers have no choice but to live in the society they were born in. Adults, however, have a choice and the responsibility to push for a better society for future generations to live in. Most of Blink 182's fan base are now young adults and adults now, so the responsibility that belonged to their parents also belong to them now. Hopefully the younger generations will bare the responsibility better than past generations. Spread the Word.

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