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Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah - The Flaming Lips

"Steven had been recording in a separate vocal booth on his computer and I walked by and heard the crazy grouped vocals doing the "yeah yeah yeah" part and I was immediately hooked. This is one of those songs that points the finger at the pettiness of those in power but also points the finger back at ourselves - what would YOU do? Power in the hands of the inexperienced (which is what we would be) is very dangerous..." –Wayne Coyne, lead singer and guitarist

Just like Coyne says, this song is not just about the people in power today - but people in general. "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah" poses a bunch of black or white questions to the listener, such as, "If you could watch everybody work while you just lay on your back, Would you do it?" and "If you could take all the love without giving any back, Would you do it?"

These questions are than responded by a string of "ya's" and "no's," referring to the perspective of the people in power today, which are also the exact opposite responses the listener would reply (hopefully). This huge dichotomy between "us" and "them" explains our reality today; a world ruled by the few and not by the many. But, most importantly, not only a world ruled by a few, but for the few. In this post-9/11 world, so-called "terrorism" and "national security" have set the pre-text for the American government to strip Americans of basic rights (Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, the death of Habeas Corpus, etc.)

The line "What would you do?" is where this song points the finger back at ourselves and not just at those in power. This is further reinforced by the chorus,

"And so we cannot know ourselves, Or what we'd really do,
With all your power, With all your power,
With all your power, What would you do?"

As straight-forward as it gets! Understanding yourself is just as important as understanding what is going on today. Good people who truly understand themselves would not let power corrupt them. In the end, everyone needs to consider if they would be corruptable; if their morals or principals can simply just be bought. Those who do not consider this thought are most likely corruptable. As The Flaming Lips would say,

"What Would You Do?"

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