Are You Overwhelmed?!

Here's Something To Make It Easier...

"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education." –Albert Einstein

By Being Overwhelmed, You Stay Apathetic and Ignorant

What happens when corporate interests dictate our societies instead of human interests?

Well, that's what we see today. A world where:

Doesn't it make perfect sense that a world governed by non-human interests creates a reality that lacks respect for human lives?

When you realize that the corporate owned governments of the world have stopped caring about human lives, that is when you should start questioning our world and your understanding of it.

Do NOT feel overwhelmed because that is precisely the point. They want us to feel overwhelmed so that we stay confused and separated. They depend on you and everyone else to feel powerless so that we stay apathetic and ignorant about the true nature of our reality.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Always think for yourself. Don't let others tell you how to think. Don't believe anything unless you do your own research and understand the material for yourself.

This is not a matter of believing or not believing. It is purely a matter of understanding.

Spread the Word.

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