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Imagine - John Lennon

Imagine has inspired people looking for hope and peace in times of delusions and false hopes. Lennon intended for Imagine to be his idea of the way this world should be.What Lennon hoped for was a world without religion, conformity, capitalism and a world that could overcome the ills of society. The message Lennon wanted to convey through this song is simple and pure; cutting away all of the complications of the world will allow us to see people, things, life for what they truly are.

Throughout Lennon's musical career, many of his songs express his desire to create a difference in the world, and to stop evil .The inspiration behind this song was not just Lennon's desires for world peace, but to also emphasize that we are all humans, and that materials, greed, pride can all turn people into less than what they once were. Lennon always dreamed of a world where peace was possible. This song is the perfect example of his once cherished dream.

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